To fly a ROV may be many a boys dream, moving down in the great abyss and both inspect and perform complicated operations, inshore and offshore, pretty tough!
You can do this if you have the right background: automation, electrical, electronics, hydraulics or mechanics. If you have a trade certificate or have significant relevant experience within these disciplines you will have many possibilities!

Abyss Subsea AS has in recent years offered courses following IMCA standards and has gained experience in tailoring courses to meet the demands of the market. Today we can therefore offer 3 weeks of intensive training, 12 hour day, and every day (incl. weekends). The statistics from the last 4 courses shows that 80% of participants are either in permanent jobs or have been offered contracts after the course.

rov pilot course      Allan Skoglund: After the course, I worked for a while for Abyss AS in Kristiansund to get more flying hours and practice on the ROV. At the same time I posted applications to IKM Subsea and Oceaneering. It did not take long before I started work at IKM Subsea. My experience is that you mustn`t take no for an answer, but offer your services as a test, without any obligation, so you can show them what you are capable of. The time is right to take a course and apply for a job now. The need for ROV pilots is growing. 
I really enjoy working as a ROV pilot and find it very interesting. I learn something new every time, especially during operations. The challenge is to resolve the situation in a way that both customer and we can be happy with. There are many situations that come into play, currents, waves, equipment, etc. There are also a lot of technical systems that can be a challenge. I have never regretted choosing this profession!

The next ROV course will start on Monday 25 November to 13 December.

The course fee is NOK 54 000. - including course materials.
To apply for the course, send a mail along with an updated résumé and contact information to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Application deadline is 15 October.